MX Hub is a one-stop startup accelerator with high-level expertise, global exposure, and smart solutions. Our company aims to provide developing projects with all the necessary resources for further growth.

You thrive.
We thrive. 

Holding 4 professional events annually, MX Hub strives to bring the best opportunities to the best startups and investors. Our ecosystem members have the benefit to participate in the top tech events organized in Dubai and the UAE. 
By attending MX Hub’s yearly events, you will get a unique opportunity to:
MX Hub shares its revenue to create the best possibilities for its members to meet global influencers, gain access to government, and be introduced to the top global investors.



The most exclusive VIP event of 2023
Burj Khalifa
The first Innovation Awards, a black-tie gala event designed to provide the highest level of networking.
When: March 2023
Where: Armani Hotel Territory, Burj Khalifa
0 st
black-tie event
in innovations
0 +
selected investors,
funds, government
rated innovative
and metaverse
Experience the innovative format
of interaction and engagement:

LED 3D Walls

Latest VR/AR tech

LED Stage

You’ll have a unique opportunity to present your company to top global investors and government representatives from the UAE and around the globe. The most exclusive VIP event in Dubai, set to take place in November 2023, is just around the corner!