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We help startups and companies find smart investments, partners, clients and synergies to ensure growth and scale your business in the MENA region and worldwide.
Enter the fastest-growing markets in the EMEA/APAC region and connect to 200 million users, B2B customers, and top VCs.
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MX Hub is a global gateway for emerging startups and post-revenue companies that provides tailored one-stop acceleration solutions. We share our seasoned business expertise and global network, complemented with physical space, a virtual twin and various options such as VIP meeting spaces and chat rooms.
With unmatched expertise and global exposure, we connect carefully selected, outstanding startups to an eminent group of experts, investors, influencers and clients worldwide. Our synergic ecosystem has been created to benefit each of our members and meet their unique individual needs.



Who can actually say ‘no’ to perfect matchmakers? MX Hub, unlike other business accelerators, is fully committed to your success. We take the time to analyze our clients’ aspirations, match them with the best options in our robust global ecosystem, and provide funding for your idea within 3 months – three times faster than any other business hub.
Right Strategy

Let's face it – what works in one country may not be efficient in another. We always keep abreast of all the developments in the MENA region, so it's easy for us to choose the right strategy and help you to use your resources reasonably.


Together with MX Hub, you'll be able to significantly reduce costs for your project, including those related to workspace, staff, legal, and business advisory, by up to 3-4 times.

Global Reach,
Faster Results

We have a worldwide footprint, which includes over 50 countries in addition to the UAE. Thanks to that, MX Hub cooperates with key governmental structures at the highest level, allowing us to remove obstacles and boost progress.


Connecting you with the global investor community isn't everything MX Hub is ready to do for you. Since our company is dedicated to the principles of the sharing economy, we manage our own investment fund that invests resources into startups within our ecosystem, allowing them to grow and evolve further.

Full Legal

Do you intend to open a business in the MENA region or just relocate it? No matter what your goal is, with our 15+ years of experience, we'll provide you with turn-key legal services that will protect you from wasting time and money and making wrong decisions.

Best Synergies

MX Hub is a comprehensive startup ecosystem that provides our clients with the best opportunities for growth and development. It is the place where you can find the perfect partner to help you continue your journey.

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Brett King is a world-renowned futurist and speaker, an International Bestselling Author, and media personality, previously advised the Obama administration on Fintech policy.


The leader in the high-tech industry for the last 34 years, Chairman of GBA, Former Chairman of the Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute.


The founder, owner and CEO of EMI Systems LTD (3,500 employees), has over 32 years of experience in the African Region, where he held a variety of executive positions in leading national companies. The leader of the UAE innovative food security manufacturing project.


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MX Hub team is an impressive mix of experiences in various fields, including healthcare, cyber security, education, agriculture, food security, telecommunications, construction, engineering, the oil and gas industry, green energy, and much more. We’ve been able to bring together the best specialists from more than 40 countries who speak more than 50 languages.
Throughout their careers, MX Hub’s experts have managed to contribute in different areas. With a vast background in finance and investments, MX Hub team members have reviewed over 3000 startups, have got 5 unicorn companies in their portfolio, and developed a professional network of 10,000+ leading industry experts. Their core team has a track record of working with numerous venture funds, establishing 200+ key strategic partnerships with market leaders, participating in 150+ international business events, attracting investments in multiple startups, and collaborating with 44 countries.
Hybrid sectors can be transformed into unbelievable projects if you have the right team that supports you.


MX Hub’s startup ecosystem is all about a worldwide connection between 50+ countries, collaboration with key governmental entities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and a global team of experts from 43 different areas, including finance management, banking, entrepreneurship, legal advisory, PR, marketing, politics, fintech, etc. In other words, we’re your all-in-one solution for any of your organizational needs.

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